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9.) How much does data cost?

Pricing is tailored to the specific order, prices will vary based on make-up and volume of the leads we recommend based on your fundraising objectives. The table below outlines some general pricing but is provided as a guide rather than a quote of exact costs, as we would always work to meet your resource needs within your allocated budget.

  1. What is My charity Survey and where do the leads come from?
  2. Who is your target demographic?
  3. Are measures taken to exclude vulnerable people?
  4. Why do Charities use MCS records to call for donations?
  5. What if I don’t want to be called?
  6. Do you ever contact people on the TPS register?
  7. What fundraising models are supported?
  8. How do deal with compliance issues?
  9. How much does data cost?
  10. How do you get on the survey?
  11. Are there any restrictions on the data I’ve purchased?
  12. What if the lead provided is already a supporter of my cause?