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6.) Do you ever contact people on the TPS register?

Yes, we do, if the person has opted themselves in for calls through an online questionnaire or previous My Charity Survey telephone questionnaires. (Please see My Charity Survey “Compliance” document for a full explanation of PTC processes)

With only, the ever-dwindling number of TPS free leads to draw upon for fundraising activities, Charities, particularly in the AU, and their causes would quickly regress. “Opt-In” leads are vital to expanding the pool of potential donors.

When conducting our online marketing questionnaire, we ensure that consent obtained is freely given by asking customers to tick an opt-in box as an indication of positive consent. The following is always mentioned at the beginning of each registration and before the ‘continue’ option to commence the online questionnaire:

  I accept the Terms and Conditions

Please tick if you agree to us, and its affiliates, our charity partners, the charities and organizations named in the questionnaire contacting you by phone, SMS, or email to tell you about their causes, products, and/or services. By clicking on the Continue button, you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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  6. Do you ever contact people on the TPS register?
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  12. What if the lead provided is already a supporter of my cause?