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4.) Why do Charities use MCS records to call for donations?

Fundraising is vital for charities to fund services in aid of their cause. The word Charity is derived from the Latin “caritas” which became the standard translation for the Greek word “Agape” meaning an “unconditional love of others”.


Humanitarian works remain an interest of a great many and Charities are a conduit for people to express their caring. The ability to care or desire to help others is that part of human nature and it’s important to many to offer support through charitable giving.


My Charity Survey firmly stands against the recent vilification of charities in the AU press and has witnessed firsthand the exceptional and proud work conducted by charity organizations that could have only been realized with the assistance of public donations. However, we strongly support improved standards within the industry and urge all our clients, both charity and commercial alike, to work only with reputable service providers and data suppliers when conducting outbound telephone marketing campaigns.  

Telephony or face-to-face fundraising is not always welcomed by all members of the community, but to others, it provides a convenient way to support the causes which they care about.

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  4. Why do Charities use MCS records to call for donations?
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