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3.) Are measures taken to exclude vulnerable people?

Absolutely, and to the greatest extent possible. We have a Socially Responsible Calling Policy and Procedure which was first drafted in 2008 and has become the industry standard, having been adopted by most of the industries elite.
It ensures that our representatives deal with our customers honestly and courteously at all times. We believe that people of all ages have the right to participate in supporting causes that are dear to them, so long as they are mentally fit and capable of making their own decision.
However, due to issues arising from recent media releases, My Charity Survey no longer actively collects data from people over 75 years of age.
My Charity Survey representatives are trained to identify vulnerable members of society and trained to recognize speech or statements that may indicate a person to be; not in control of their own finances, a dementia sufferer or person not of sound mind; a person under the age of 18; a person under the influence of medication or alcohol; a person with high stress or problems that should not be subject to future contact.
My Charity Survey Telephone questionnaire’s go through at least one level of both verification and quality assurance and two levels in the following circumstance:

  • Where the prospect is older than 61 years of age
  • Where there is anything said within the call that “QA level 1” believes warrants further escalation and sign off prior to passing.

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