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Lead Generation

Available Products:

  • MCS Telesurvey Data

Target Focus:

  • Regular monthly gifts. Ongoing support by periodic direct debit.

Lead Type:

  • Residential Data

Product Availability:

  • Delivery schedule will be provided upon order being placed. Leads are delivered weekly as they’re generated through the My Charity Survey Questionnaire.

MCS's source privacy compliant data from conducting telephone surveys to gauge the publics charitable interests and preferred causes. “Opt-In” is obtained by a Charity profile and latest campaign information being communicated to the respondent, and asking if they would be willing to support your organisation. Where an affirmative response is collected, and all compliance requirements are met, the leads are delivered generally within 7 days of “opt-In” taking place.
This data product is designated as “Telesurvey Data/Leads” and typical historical conversion rates to regular monthly donation is 4 % to 8 % of prospects attempted

Considerations in Targeting Regular Monthly Donations / Ongoing Support

Regular Donor acquisition is conducted through multiple campaign models. The most promising results generally come from converting your existing pool of single gift donors, though using a targeted list resource where no giving history exists, may still yield a promising ROI.

Success generally requires a structured approach combining low cost lead generation activities, to qualify prospect potential, and professional fundraising approach that effectively succeeds in the following:

  • Confidently detail cause information seeming knowledgeable, informed and passionate
  • Connect the cause and the prospect
  • Deliver a call to action
  • Convey existing need and urgency
  • Successfully closes prospect on Regular Monthly support
Utilising a cold resource strategy will usually fail in obtaining acceptable ROI figures as a professional approach and close is ultimately required but too time intensive and costly to waste on unqualified prospects.

“2 Step” and “Opt In” programs are a great way to ensure you are speaking with prospect’s who may be: employed; have disposable income, meet the desired demographic, possess an interest in the cause, are known charity supporters, are responsive to the planned medium of approach.

Appropriately qualifying prospects will result in much higher conversion ratios and minimise any waste in time and resources.

In a tele-fundraising approach we would generally see a more in- depth pitch compared to a single gift ask, building the appropriate connection between the prospect and cause can take a little added time but is usually required for agreement to support on an ongoing monthly basis. Poor consideration of this aspect in the approach may contribute to high rates of dishonoured payments, cancellations and drop-outs.

A longer pitch results in lower lead usage and volume requirements for the campaign overall. Generally 10 leads for each hour of production is sufficient and penetration on recently sourced data should achieve 60%.

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