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Data Supply

Available Products:

  • MCS Profiled Data
  • MCS Acquisition Data

Target Focus:

  • Single gift / Once-Off Donation / Fundraising Lottery Entry Purchase

Lead Type:

  • Residential Data

Product Availability:

  • Full delivery within 24 hours of order.

“Single Gift Donation Drives” and “Fundraising Lotteries” usually derive revenue from two campaign components, donations or ticket purchases are obtained from cold and previous supporter data resources at a ratio commensurate to achieving prescribed revenue targets and donor volume quantities.

As a general rule, cold acquisition needs to be performed at as close to break-even as possible and completed in a volume commensurate to off-set attrition in the existing supporter base.

As a replacement to the cold component described above, My Charity Survey has high volume/ low cost lead resources of identified charity supporters whom are telemarketing responsive. All prospects are “Opted In” to My Charity Survey and are sure to have a significant impact on your cold acquisition success.

Data products for this fundraising model include “MCS Profiled Data/ Leads” & “MCS Acquisition Data/ Leads”. Typical historical conversion for acquisition of Single Gifts from these resources can be as high as 25% conversion of prospects pitched.

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