MCS to help and transform charities` reach

In this fast changing world where everyone uses the power of technology and networking site for global reach, charities have urgent and exciting new opportunities to give voice to their causes, to empower communities and citizens, and to be responsive to their needs.

The most potentially transformational opportunity for communities, charities and campaigners is to join forces, through technology, to find common cause and create widespread influence and impact. The challenge is to rise above the increasing noise and be more sophisticated than the average.

Understanding peoples’ interests and behaviors will definitely help charities work out plans to sustain their future.

The time to invest is now.  MYCHARITYSURVEY.COM is a very competitive data/lead-generation company that specializes in the provision of consumer data, through conducting marketing questionnaires, for lead generation and marketing purposes.

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News and Updates

9 August, 2012 |

Youth Aim high in Sports.

Poverty has been a global issue for generations and still haunts the present according to the World Bank PovcalNet...

14 December, 2011 |

Health and Research Charities Tops MCS market research survey

Health charities represent people living with conditions who invest their hope in the development of new...

14 December, 2011 |

Charity Support Remains Strong

With the recent calamities happening worldwide, respondents of our survey are still willing to extend support...

13 December, 2011 |

Charities in the UK still getting support despite credit crunch

A survey of more than 16, 000 respondents carried out in the last 3 months for suggests that...

8 December, 2011 |

Charity donations fell by nearly 10 per cent last year, survey suggests

By Kaye Wiggins, Third Sector Online, 14 January 2010 Poll by Investec Private Bank indicates a drop in donations...

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